Studio Light projects


H2H (Horse 2 Human Communication)

No wonder why I personally love horses and my destiny made me start our Studio Light’s journey with a project related to Horse. Horse 2 Human is an organisation filled with young talented volunteers that rescue horses to their stable.

I have a take away from them. “You don’t train horses, you befriend them.” Here is a project that we did to document their amazing skills and their love for Horses.


Shilpa & Vinaayaka (Maternity photoshoot)

We received a call to Studio Light asking for details on maternity photoshoot. Shilpa, Vinayak and their cousins from Bangalore visiting Pondicherry to celebrate their weekend and wanted to surprise Shilpa with a photoshoot. We had to Plan + Execute + Delivery within a span of 2 days. Although we had less time to finish everything, it all went well with them being satisfied with our service and quality of our photos.



Videsh - Modeling Portfolio

Videsh a blossoming model based in Saudi and a graduate from Colorado University, USA. Videsh made an appointment with us for a photoshoot and visited our studio in Pondicherry to have his portfolio of photos made for his upcoming contest taking place in China. A very cool person who has a casual approach towards life and advised me and our team to be chill and to think positive.


Razeena Yousuf

1st birthday celebration

Razeena and her family came to Studio Light to celebrate her 1st birthday with a photo session.

We truly enjoy every bit of this photo session with Razeena’s overloaded cuteness and naughtiness more than her parents.

Studio Light Kid's baby infant new born photography by Azhar

Kids Photography | Studio Light by Azhar Photography

Dheekshit’s & Family

1st Birthday Celebration

Dheekshith and his family visited Studio Light to celebrate his 1st Birthday

with a beautiful family portrait session.

Studio Light by Azhar Photography | Kids photography | Baby photography


An adorable photoshoot with the cutest living doll Samrutha with her two

naughty cousins as she turns 9 months.