Studio Light projects


H2H (Horse 2 Human Communication)

No wonder why I personally love horses and my destiny made me start our Studio Light’s journey with a project related to Horse. Horse 2 Human is an organisation filled with young talented volunteers that rescue horses to their stable.

I have a take away from them. “You don’t train horses, you befriend them.” Here is a project that we did to document their amazing skills and their love for Horses.


Shilpa & Vinaayaka (Maternity photoshoot)

We received a call to Studio Light asking for details on maternity photoshoot. Shilpa, Vinayak and their cousins from Bangalore visiting Pondicherry to celebrate their weekend and wanted to surprise Shilpa with a photoshoot. We had to Plan + Execute + Delivery within a span of 2 days. Although we had less time to finish everything, it all went well with them being satisfied with our service and quality of our photos.



Videsh - Modeling Portfolio

Videsh a blossoming model based in Saudi and a graduate from Colorado University, USA. Videsh made an appointment with us for a photoshoot and visited our studio in Pondicherry to have his portfolio of photos made for his upcoming contest taking place in China. A very cool person who has a casual approach towards life and advised me and our team to be chill and to think positive.

More to come..!