What We Studio Light do ?

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Wedding/Event Photography

Marriages are made in heaven. We in Studio Light believe that every wedding deserves a grand photography service and the photos should be spoken about for generations and generations. We with our amazing photography team will capture every moment of your “the day” at every blink of an eye!

To fix a date with us, 50% from the total budget must be paid in advance.

6 to 7 weeks after the wedding we will personally invite the couple along with their family members to our studio to review all the photos from the wedding and select the best ones and to enjoy our complimentary studio photoshoot.

Our Service include, candid Photography, candid or cinematic videography, traditional or conventional photography, traditional or conventional videography, digital albums, LED live telecast wall, etc.

Our service cover all over South India (Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka & Goa) for every culture and religion.

Architecture/Real Estate Photography

Architecture or Real Estate Photo shoot requires a rehearsal and planning before the shoot. The more we plan the better the outcome.

Any infrastructure, be it restaurants, hotels, newly built homes will require minimum of a day to accomplish the shoot depending on the size of the building. This is excluding the time we invest on planning and discussing about the photo shoot with the appropriate person who is in charge.

Processing, developing and delivering of the photos will take a minimum of two weeks.

Delivery time: 1 Week.

Studio Light by Azhar | Architecture & Real Estate Photography | Azhar Photography

Studio Light by Azhar | Product & Food Photography | Azhar Photography

Food/Product Photography

The motive of food or product photography is to advertise your product, be it to a local magazine, website, menu, billboards, etc.

For food photography it is advisable to hire a food stylist alongside the photographer during the shoot to make sure everything looks presentable or in other words “mouth watery” for your costumers.

For product photography it is essential for us to get familiarize with the product before we set our lights up to start shooting. The fees for both the type of shoot will be charged by day or a maximum of 15 products per day. 7 products or less will be considered as a half a day shoot.

Delivery time: 1 Week.

Professional Fashion Portfolio

Doesn’t feel good to be popular? Are you looking to get a nice glamorous fashion portfolio of yourself ? Here we go..!

We Include a minimum of three locations for each portfolio shoot. We will create at least 40 outstanding photos in this session, and all the photos will be re- touched, air-brushed and processed digitally.

The photos will cover close-ups, head shots, three-quarter length, full length and thematic shots. Dress type is up-to your preference, but to be discussed at least a week before the shoot to plan my shots accordingly.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

Studio Light by Azhar | Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio | Azhar Photography

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New Born, Infants/Kids Photography

Aren’t they adorable when they are on their own world full of joy and fun? Give us the opportunity to capture their world which you and they can enjoy 20 years from now.

Kids Photography is usually done at various stages of their growth, starting all the way from 2- 3 days old to high school graduation.

We are all equipped to make your child/children have fun during the photo-shoot that they would never forget. We guarantee their smile in the photos. We Will include a couple of photos of all the family members together.

Delivery time: 1 week

Family/Couple Portraits

It is time to get a nice collection of fun portrait of your entire family group. Your future generation must know how beautiful and crazy their family are/were.

For family portrait shoots, we normally propose a weekend, towards an evening. The shoot includes an outdoor location of your choice and a studio photography session.

The shoot will be divided in three segments, that include individual portraits (for each family member), couple photos and the whole family.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

Studio Light | Family Portrait Photography | Azhar Photography

Studio Light | Professional Corporate Portrait | Azhar Photography

Professional Corporate Portrait

Do you own a Brand? Running a Business? Head of the department? Here is your place to showcase yourself professionally.

Portrait photo sessions for professionals, (eg. CEOs, Chefs, Doctors, Business Executives, etc) will usually last at least one hour. This does not include the time taken for a location scouting visit, initial discussions and determining the scope of pictures to be used for website, magazine or personal use.

It is considered as one professional per shoot. Any additional person will be considered as a second shoot.

Delivery time: 1 week